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I figured I’d jot down some of my thought process on what I might review for this blog since my big projects keep falling apart. The She-Ra project might not have found a show I really liked, but it was an easy enough project to do, so I’m sort of looking for something that vein.



Apr. 6th, 2019 12:47 pm
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Sigh. I think it’s time to actually say this.

I thought reviewing Agents of SHIELD was a sure bet that I would have the drive to keep the reviews coming. When I started, I was very much in the necessary fandom headspace for this show; I’d been writing (at least trying to write) a lot of fic and had plenty of opinions on the show I wanted to express. As you can tell from the reviews I did do, I have a lot to say on the subject.

But it’s not working out. It seems now that I’d been in AoS headspace for too long when I finally started reviewing and my brain was ready to pick up a new focus. I don’t know that I’ve moved on from the fandom exactly, it’s just been long enough since we had new material that I needed to feed the engine something new. The reviews were already proving a bit harder to get through that I thought, and a new focus has basically sidelined my drive to do this.

I’m not talking about my brief She-Ra project being a distraction in case you were wondering. I might even try and keep some reviewing going by doing some other cartoon series that only requires that limited of focus. But for right now it looks like I will be tabling the AoS reviews, call it another Mr. Selfridge style failure.

I’m disappointed in myself, I was about to hit more interesting episodes. But let me know if you have any suggestions for things to do for a bit until either something else grabs me or one of my previous interests comes back.

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So this brings us to the end of this little side project. The AoS reviews are still slow going, so I'm probably looking for another easier side project, if anyone has a recommendation.

She-Ra 1x12: Light Hope )

She-Ra 1x13: The Battle of Bright Moon )

Closing thoughts )

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Since it seems the Agents of SHIELD reviews are a project that I’m taking very seriously and therefore slowly, I wanted to have something else a bit less involved that I could do shorter reactions to. I would like to pick up the pace on the AoS reviews, but my thoughts seem to take a while to get in any kind of order, so something lighter is the order of the day for this side project.

She-Ra intro )

She-Ra 1x01: The Sword Part 1 )

She-Ra 1x01: The Sword Part 2 )

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Taking a few months off from these reviews wasn’t exactly the intention but part of it was to be expected. I still try and do NaNo in November, and December is always pretty busy. I have found time to try and start a couple ideas for new review projects, but you’re not seeing them because it would risk another Mr. Selfridge situation where I didn’t really commit to the project enough to get very far with it.

But what I keep coming back to is wanting to do Agents of SHIELD; the problem is that I keep wanting to write (and never finish) fanfic instead of review it. I think I may be temporarily out of that loop and ready to try reviewing it again. But I do have some opening thoughts I need to try and get through before starting.

Biases, history, and Coulson )


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