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Arrow 2x19: The Man Under the Hood

Weirdly, or maybe not weirdly, doing these reviews very slowly and drawn out seems to make them longer, this one doesn’t quite deserve the kind of review it gets, but it’s wordy.

Arrow 2x19: The Man Under the Hood )

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Arrow 2x18: Deathstroke

This was like the third or fourth time this season that I’ve started writing my review and had to walk away from it midway through and then not come back to it for several days, it’s really annoying to me and I’m not sure it makes for good reviewing for you. In this case I’m also having a hard time deciphering my notes, my handwriting was really bad that night; so part of my rambling is trying to rediscover the points.

I don’t even have a particularly good excuse for this or the fact that it doesn’t get much better. It does make me I suspect I’ll take a proper break from the reviews at the end of the season until I get some real gumption back. I might review something else and see if that tricks my brain into some drive, and am willing to hear suggestions.

Arrow 2x18: Deathstroke )

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Arrow 2x15: The Promise

So this project has clearly run into a snag judging by how rarely I manage to actually update this, and watch new episodes. I’m not even sure I know why I’m so sluggish. I would like to do better, but I make no...promises.

Arrow 2x15: The Promise )

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Arrow 2x14: Time of Death

I can’t tell if it was because the Heir review was so stretched out (not the length so much as putting the project on hold during my break a while back), but I’m feeling myself pretty burned out on this project (and that hasn’t improved). Much as I like this episode it didn’t really get me back into the swing of things.

Arrow 2x14: Time of Death )

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Arrow 2x13: Heir to the Demon

Okay, I’ve been promising it for a while, here we go with one of the biggest episodes of the season in terms of how many thoughts it inspires.

Arrow 2x13: Heir to the Demon )

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Arrow 2x10: Blast Radius

Sorry to say, I think this review is pretty mediocre, for a mediocre episode.

Arrow 2x10: Blast Radius )

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Arrow 2x08: The Scientist

I think this was actually the most notes I’ve ever taken on an episode. Will it translate into yet another long review? Come in and find out.

Arrow 2x08: The Scientist )

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Arrow 2x07: State v. Queen

So these things keep getting longer, not that I didn’t kind of expect s2 would provoke more thoughts than s1, I just didn’t quite expect this quick an escalation.

Arrow 2x07: State v. Queen )

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Arrow 2x06: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Fair warning, I started this review, then the season finales happened. By the time I got back to it I’d forgotten what several of my notes were referencing. Good on you if you can spot the parts written initially vs. what I retroactively thought I had wanted to say. Also I was making really good time to this point, since then I’ve been going a lot slower, sigh.

Arrow 2x06: Keep Your Enemies Closer )

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Arrow 2x02: Identity

Minor apologies for late posting, I apparently need to get back into the rhythm of this project.

Arrow 2x02: Identity )