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I don’t actually know if anyone is even reading these reviews or it I’m just talking into the abyss, but in case people are following and feel there’s something you want me to expand on now’s a good time. Something in s1 you don’t think I covered sufficiently? Something you’re not sure my opinion on but want to know? Something you just want to know heading into s2?

As said in the last bit of housekeeping, I’m not sure when the next few updates will be (judging by the fact this one is late I think we can expect unpredictability), but I still want to do this for a bit.

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If this isn’t the longest review of the season I’d be surprised. Not because it’s an episode I would have expected would have such a long review, but having written it I don’t think any are longer.

This season at least; next season all bets are off.

Arrow 1x21: The Undertaking )

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I feel like I spent an age and half on this one, and I’m still not sure I expressed the ideas very well. So sorry for that.

Arrow 1x19: Unfinished Business )

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So we have our first act break of the series, a rather small milestone in our 250+ episode quest here, but I suppose worth noting.

Arrow 1x09: Year’s End )

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