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So is everybody ready to (finally) get going on season 2 of Arrow? I actually really am, this was the season that progressively took me from my ‘I guess it’s okay’ attitude of s1 to being a show I really loved and was invested in. As such this is probably the season I have the fondest view of; we’ll see if that holds true once it gets the full review treatment.

I think this review has turned into a jumbled mess, so not off to a great start there.

Arrow 2x01: City of Heroes )

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If this isn’t the longest review of the season I’d be surprised. Not because it’s an episode I would have expected would have such a long review, but having written it I don’t think any are longer.

This season at least; next season all bets are off.

Arrow 1x21: The Undertaking )

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I feel like I spent an age and half on this one, and I’m still not sure I expressed the ideas very well. So sorry for that.

Arrow 1x19: Unfinished Business )

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So we have our first act break of the series, a rather small milestone in our 250+ episode quest here, but I suppose worth noting.

Arrow 1x09: Year’s End )

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