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Arrow 2x08: The Scientist

I think this was actually the most notes I’ve ever taken on an episode. Will it translate into yet another long review? Come in and find out.

Arrow 2x08: The Scientist )

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Arrow 2x07: State v. Queen

So these things keep getting longer, not that I didn’t kind of expect s2 would provoke more thoughts than s1, I just didn’t quite expect this quick an escalation.

Arrow 2x07: State v. Queen )

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Arrow 2x06: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Fair warning, I started this review, then the season finales happened. By the time I got back to it I’d forgotten what several of my notes were referencing. Good on you if you can spot the parts written initially vs. what I retroactively thought I had wanted to say. Also I was making really good time to this point, since then I’ve been going a lot slower, sigh.

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Arrow 2x02: Identity

Minor apologies for late posting, I apparently need to get back into the rhythm of this project.

Arrow 2x02: Identity )

Arrow 2x01: City of Heroes

So is everybody ready to (finally) get going on season 2 of Arrow? I actually really am, this was the season that progressively took me from my ‘I guess it’s okay’ attitude of s1 to being a show I really loved and was invested in. As such this is probably the season I have the fondest view of; we’ll see if that holds true once it gets the full review treatment.

I think this review has turned into a jumbled mess, so not off to a great start there.

Arrow 2x01: City of Heroes )

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End of season Q&A

I don’t actually know if anyone is even reading these reviews or it I’m just talking into the abyss, but in case people are following and feel there’s something you want me to expand on now’s a good time. Something in s1 you don’t think I covered sufficiently? Something you’re not sure my opinion on but want to know? Something you just want to know heading into s2?

As said in the last bit of housekeeping, I’m not sure when the next few updates will be (judging by the fact this one is late I think we can expect unpredictability), but I still want to do this for a bit.

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Arrow 1x21: The Undertaking

If this isn’t the longest review of the season I’d be surprised. Not because it’s an episode I would have expected would have such a long review, but having written it I don’t think any are longer.

This season at least; next season all bets are off.

Arrow 1x21: The Undertaking )

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Arrow 1x19: Unfinished Business

I feel like I spent an age and half on this one, and I’m still not sure I expressed the ideas very well. So sorry for that.

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Bit of housekeeping

This is a two part update I guess. Real life kind of got in the way this week, so we’ll resume some version of regular posting net week. I haven’t decided it is will be three or four posts, but I suspect three.

Because part 2 of this update is that, owing to the finales we got this week (Arrow most relevantly) I am going to let them settle a bit before resuming the speed I was reviewing the episodes at. I have a buildup of episode reviews ahead of where I’m posting (I’m in the process of reviewing 2x06) so I’m not in danger of running out for a bit. But if you remember my introductory post, the whole reason I didn’t start off by reviewing Legends of Tomorrow while these other seasons were still going was because I thought I would focus unduly on my feelings regarding the finale, and that’s true again for my present reviews of Arrow.