May. 27th, 2017

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This is a two part update I guess. Real life kind of got in the way this week, so we’ll resume some version of regular posting net week. I haven’t decided it is will be three or four posts, but I suspect three.

Because part 2 of this update is that, owing to the finales we got this week (Arrow most relevantly) I am going to let them settle a bit before resuming the speed I was reviewing the episodes at. I have a buildup of episode reviews ahead of where I’m posting (I’m in the process of reviewing 2x06) so I’m not in danger of running out for a bit. But if you remember my introductory post, the whole reason I didn’t start off by reviewing Legends of Tomorrow while these other seasons were still going was because I thought I would focus unduly on my feelings regarding the finale, and that’s true again for my present reviews of Arrow.


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