Apr. 21st, 2017

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Welcome to my review all the Arrow-verse project

This has been lurking in my mind for a while and I wanted to wait until after Arrow s5 ended, but the more I did the math the more that just didn’t make sense. By the end of this season there will be more than 250 episodes and that’s not including Constantine (which I haven’t decided if I will cover or not). To try and fit that in over the summer around baseball is just never going to work. In all likelihood it’s still too much to do reviews of by the time the next seasons roll around but with a couple extra months there’s a better chance. Plus with things on hiatus for a few weeks it wasn’t abad time to revisit the early days.

As a note, I seriously considered just doing Legends of Tomorrow during this period until the other shows’ seasons ended, I do have a lot retroactively to say about s1 of LoT, but it would also end up catching a lot of my immediate post s2 thoughts and...I wasn’t quite ready to dive into that mess again yet.

Since I’m not making that change I will review things in airing order even though there are definitely places where that order doesn’t quite make sense, it’ll give me things to talk about in those episodes. Exception might be if I do Constantine; if I do it I expect I’ll do it all in one run to more fairly judge it watching it for the first time, also it won’t really matter since it doesn’t become part of the Arrow-verse until later anyway.

Since I’m starting now, you’ll have to put up with the fact that you’ll have to read my s5 reaction posts to get the full effect of when we loop around and met up with the beginning of the series (or I’ll do a couple extra reviews to include thoughts about old episodes brought up by new ones).

These aren’t going to go quite as far when I was doing Babylon 5 reviews, but will be as much or more than the current level of reaction post, so could be variable on what to expect but probably rambling when I get caught up in something.

Stay tuned for actual reviews coming soon.


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